Thursday, August 11, 2011

this week i am

Sun & Moon: As I write this, the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Capricorn, which makes for an interesting combination, but one in which I think I’m pretty comfortable since my Sun is in Capricorn and my Moon is in Leo. (I think that officially makes me a study in contradictions!)

Pathworking: I’ve been a little lax in my pathworking lately but no worries, not only do I have an excuse (work is crazy), but the Capricorn Moon is kicking my butt back into shape!

Creating, Planning & Trying: Working on a writing project, created a new freebie for the blog, and trying it out for myself!

Viewing, Reading & Listening: Still working on the ABC’s of Witchcraft and I am catching up with my blogs in my reader feed and podcasts!

Thinking & Realizing: about recent conversations with friends, doubts and magic, and about how

Feeling: excited to go see the Burlesque show at the end of the month I just bought tickets for!


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