Friday, September 16, 2011

Mexican Adventures mini-book


So I decided to try my hand at making a mini album/scrapbook of my trip to Mexico and share some of it with you. I like the idea of using an old book and up-cycling it, particularly because this one is called “Race around the World”. I know it has nothing to do with paganism, but I could probably find some link, you know, having to do with Mayan culture and prophecies, or nature, so something… so let’s just go with that… yeah!


Us, on Paradise beach, jumping for joy:


I had this package of travel quotes that I’ve been sitting on forever and so I am going a little overboard just trying to use them!

Bonding with the local wildlife on our trip to a Mayan village and the Cenote:


And last, but not least, some cactus graffiti!


And most of these (except for the 1st two, all come from one day of adventures)!


  1. Wow--this is amazing! I liked the cactus graffiti picture in particular.

    Your book reminds me of the pictures I have from my second trip to the Netherlands three years ago that are still sitting on my computer and I haven't done anything with them. I keep telling myself that I'll get around to them one of these days....

  2. thats a great mini album. I love the catctus page. Hugs Sara

  3. Thanks ladies. I know, I was amazed by the cactus graffiti. Who knew such a thing was possible? No one else even seemed to notice it, which further amazed me!

    I've never done a mini-book before but I have to admit, they are simpler to do because there's less playing with all the extras than in larger layouts. I like it! It makes me feel very productive!


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