Monday, September 19, 2011

this week I am

  • So much stuff my brains hurt! 3s, spirits, paradoxes. Imagination vs Reality. Big stuff. Also, what colour am I gonna paint my new craft room when we move. So little stuff too.
  • But mostly work stuff. Disabilities, Diversity and video making projects. Have I mentioned lately, now that work politics have settled, how much I love my job? Cause I do. I love working in education. I love seeing students grow and flourish. I love being a part of an individual's life in such an awe inspiring way. And I love that I get to use technology in order to teach and realize projects that help students think and self-actualize. Yes, I love my job! I meet amazing students every day (even in and amongst the schiezers). Every day students challenge me to see the face of the gods in them and at work through them. It's an amazing microcosm of the universe!

Feeling & Realizing:
  • More grounded and zen. Which is good. Yay for zen!
  • Feeling a bit guilty for utterly failing in my 30 days of yoga challenge. But c'est la vie. Shit happened, I'll try again a little later!
  • That I'm about to complete my year and a day training with my coven. (yes, I know I just talked about how much you share and don't share with others in a way that some of you took to mean that I am a solitary, but I'm not and I'm sorry if that got lost in translation. After years of going it alone, I am now one of those people who can say that sometimes there is truth to the idea that when the student is ready, the teacher will emerge. I'm incredibly blessed to have a community that is becoming family to me). But wow. I've spent a lot of time in the last months thinking about this moment. About initiation. Wondering if it's what I really wanted or not and ironically, somehow, the chaos of my father's death helped me clarify what I wanted in some very real and tangible ways. I'm excited. And nervous. And excited. And a little scared. But mostly just excited! (I think I may have also had too much coffee today).

Planning & Creating:
  • More Mexican vacation minibook pages
  • This week's pagan art journaling prompt. What to do, what to do... What is closest to me right now... So many ideas!

Viewing, Reading:
  • Haven (tv show). I'm seriously addicted to shows about paranormal shit. Seriously. Especially cause this one occasionally goes all meta and makes references to xfiles. Yeah, that rocks!
  • ABC of Witchcraft 
  • Chicken Qabalah. Yes, still for both of these books!



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