Thursday, October 20, 2011

scrapbooking pagan themed quizzes

I haven't done much in the way of pagan inspired scrapbooking in the past months but I found myself inspired the other day and wanted to share. I decided to use the big colours of the year: yellow and grey, which are not colours I normally choose but think can be quite sharp when done right.

The page is inspired by this quiz and I was actually a little surprised that I got Hera as my goddess archetype. She's not a goddess I tend to want to deal with because she's so famous for her jealousy and temper. And yet, the description wasn't that far from the mark.

Part of the challenge behind this page, for me, was not only the use of grey and yellow, but the use of multiple patterned papers. I'm not particularly prone to using several patterns and feeling like I've done so successfully. But I'm actually happy with the way the 3 yellow papers work together on this page. Since everything is simple, I don't find the multiple patterns chaotic.



  1. I took that quiz and came up with Athena as my result.

    If you are ruled by Athena, you are bright-eyed, shrewd, resourceful and inventive. With friends, you are the wise counsellor – always ready with an empowering message. You believe strongly that women can accomplish anything men can. No wonder you put so much time into your career. Athena women tend to be ruled by their head, not by their heart. You carefully guard your intimate side, protecting your emotions and vulnerability. If you want to awaken your unexpressed womanliness, you’ll have to use the same passion you apply to your intellectual achievements. It’s important that you work to integrate your strong masculine side with your feminine side – bringing together your strength with your vulnerability, your creativity with caring, and your intelligence with imagination. Otherwise, you risk appearing unaffectionate and self-righteous. Take lessons from the goddesses Hestia and Aphrodite to do this.

    It's funny that I was looking at an owl pin this morning in a store and got to thinking about Athena. The description fits me pretty well. Most of my family, coworkers and friends view me as the wise counselor--not because I have some sort of empowering message, but because many of them look to me to bail them out of their problems. Having a strong masculine side accounts for why I tend to get along better with men than I do with women. And the part of "protecting your emotions and vulnerability" is also very true. Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius, but I'm always trying to keep myself stoic, and I hate dealing with people who are openly emotional.

  2. @TMP: I actually expected to get Athena, which is why I was so surprised by Hera! Overall, it was a pretty decent quiz

  3. I think that's beautiful! Reading through your blogs and seeing all the things you've put up is motivating me to do something creative lol. I took that quiz and got Hestia, which I expected if she was on the list, since I'm more of a "Cottage Witch" and she's the Goddess of "hearth and home."

  4. @WW: Awesome. I love that 2 of you now have gotten a good fit from the quiz! And I love that you want to do things creative after reading my blog! Yay.


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