Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this week I am

Viewing, Reading, Thinking: No time. All work and no play this week makes for a dull witch! It's midterms. I work in a college. My colleagues are sick. It's Canadian Thanksgiving, baby showers, and house related stuff all at once. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I had some down time... I watched Charlie Bartlett. And I crawl into bed exhausted at 9:30, to read these YA stories (Vanished and Firelight). The stories are interesting and the characters well developped but I can't help but feel like I'm reading the Twilight series again, only better written (not that it takes much. Because honestly, while the plot of the Twilight series was interesting, wow the writing is poor). But that's a rant for another day.

Creating, Planning, Trying: Trying to make more time for my husband. Monday was our 2 year wedding anniversary (5.5 years together) and lately it feels like we haven't been seeing much of each other. I say this, knowing full well that I'm ditching him tonight to celebrate the full moon, and he is ditching me on Thurs, for band practice. Sigh. Like I said, I'm trying to find time together that involves being together long enough for a conversation about things other than tub choices for our new bathroom!  
Realizing: That it's ok if I slow things down for a while. If my posts are a little late or my blog a little quiet. Sometimes the universe throws so much on your plate, that you have to sit down and take the time to get through that before getting to the art.
Feeling: Like things will get a little busier before they settle but that the end is in sight. This past month has been a rough one. And so busy that my head is spinning as I try to sort through all the details and tie up the loose ends that are scattered about me. But overall, positive and organizational energy abound. Thank god! But I miss art. I miss art like nobody's business. And I can see how I've let it slip out of my life, along with my meditations, in order to make way for all the daily mundane details that don't nurture my soul in the same way.

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