Monday, October 17, 2011

this week i am

Viewing, Reading, Thinking: This week my husband introduced me to the TV show Whitney, and holy smokes people... this could be my relationship. Especially the one about the girlfriend not being as romantic as the boyfriend. We both laughed so hard because I would so be the one to go off about how this or that is just fodder for some hallmark or trite b.s. .... 

Don't get me wrong, we're not nearly that competitive and obviously not that funny...  and the show has it's flaws. But yeah, the talking, the romance. That's so very much us and our dynamic!

Creating, Planning, Trying: Belly dancing! Yup. Every Wednesday evening I'll be shaking my bootie and wiggling my hips, which is great because I'll be finally getting back to doing some exercise after taking a year to let my knee heal from a Nia injury. 

Also working on some scrapbook pages. I listened to this podcast from Paperclipping Roundtable, that talked about using lists and quizzes in pages and I was super inspired to give it a go but with a bit of a pagan bent! 
Realizing: That I tend to live my life more through my head instead of my heart. Which is a bit of a challenge and a weird situation to be in. In my family I've always been the emotional one, but in the rest of the world around me, I'm often considered to be bit aloof and holding my cards close to my chest. A recent experience brought this issue into the light again and it is going to be something I meditate on during the next few weeks.
Feeling: Optimistic for most of the week. Loving fall. Excited by the recent developments on our house building... we now have some walls! Yay!


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