Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Journal Page: Work in Progress

For a change of pace, I thought I'd share a bit of my art journaling process with you:

Normally for the pagan art journal project, I start off by picking out a scrapbook page that I can't stand the pattern of (you know, when you buy packs of paper and there are always ones you don't like).

See example:

You might like it, but I don't!
And the kit I bought has
4 copies of this sheet!
So normally I'll prime it with a coat (or 3) of gesso (thick white paint primer stuff for those of you who don't know what gesso is... I didn't a year ago)! Then I'll prepare the base background for my journaling page.

This is a combo of painted bubble wrap
and  an old toilet paper roll!
I'm not crazy with the amount of circles (big ones) are on this page, so I'll probably pass over it with a wash of colour to tone it down some before adding the top layer of drawing onto the page.

Sometimes, not always mind you, I get inspiration from other people and play with elements of their style to see if I can make it my own:

Image: KellyBarton

These are my attempts to play with this particular style:

Other things that influenced me as I was creating this page:

Image: KathrynWheel
Image: Frosted Petunias

From all of this in mind, I created this girl and this page:

Materials I used on this page: Glimmer mist, paint, paper, bubble wrap, felts, gel ink pens, and my fingers!

Next up, adding some journaling text! But since I'm a bit of a tease, I'm not going to share that with you until I post the page as a weekly prompt!


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