Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 40}

this week's prompt: guided visualization

When I first started out on my new age adventures, guided visualizations were all the rage and were in fact, the only way I could meditate! 

The first time I was taught guided visualization, it was actually my 9th grade science teacher who showed us how to use guided visualization as a coping mechanism for exam anxiety. Yes, I appreciate the irony behind that fact! But it was amazing and probably the best guided visualization instruction I ever received because he counselled us to make the destination space within the visualization our very own. While I envisioned a quiet walk in the forest, stopping to sit at a bridge by a creek with my feet in the water; my best friend was all over a sunny beach party with friends. (I guess opposites do attract on more levels than one!).

Since then, the most common guided meditation that I heard, in the various places and people that I met, from the new age shop in Victoria, to the Reclaiming group I took a course with years later, was the grounding tree visualization, which I'm sure is familiar enough to many of you out there. Since then I've moved away from strict guided visualizations, but use visualization based on particular guidelines on a regular (daily) basis.

What about you? What's your favourite visualization? How often do you use them in your practice?


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