Wednesday, November 9, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 41}

this week's prompt: guardians of the watchtowers (elements)

Who and what are the guardians of the watchtowers for your? Do you invoke them in your circles (if you do circles)? I have to admit that the guardians have been difficult for me to work with and understand. 

I get them on an abstract level and my lit geek self still goes back to Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock when I think about the Elementals associated with the quarters.

Currently, I'm trying to strengthen my association and understanding of them in my world and in my circles. Anyone got any good tips?



  1. Loving what you are doing with your journalling! I know everyone does it differently, but I've worked on understanding and building relationships with the elementals, by 'meeting them' out in nature, or meditating on candle flame, running water etc. This helped me when trying to visualise the Guardians of the Watchtowers... :)

  2. Thanks! I might try your idea!

  3. When I used to close a circle at almost every magical working or ritual I just used to envision symbolically what each Element is and means to me. As for example I'd envision the flame for the Element of Fire and welcome to the circle all that it brings with it. Nowadays I rarely cast a circle, I work with a different type of sacred space, but when I do, I simply invite the energies of each Element to the circle. Hope this gives you an idea or two.

    I love your blog by the way. I may not have the time to always comment but I do read it regularly :)

  4. I just nod to each. Sometimes I understand them more then other times. If you haven't noticed everyones "orientation" varies. There is no right no wrong. Find a chart with keywords. It is just something to consider when meditating etc. If you are in touch with your elementals then I think associating them with their corner just gives the connection more umph.
    I don't do a big production as stated above, just acknowledging them. It helps in setting up a sacred meditative space. And sometimes we do not know what we need so it is sort of a way of being open to all sacred and spiritual possibility.

    Sorry for the ramble, it all just came to me:) I hope something in there makes sense of helps. Oh yeah one last thing

    Give it time.


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