Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 42}

this week's prompt: what my path means to me right now

Since the last few weeks have been a bit of an upheaval for yours truly, I thought that this week's prompt should be a bit of a check in. 

So I spent some time thinking about what my path means to me, why I do this, and why I want to continue down this path.I think it's good to stop every now and again to assess, re-assess and restate your intentions/commitments because over time your position in relation to things change.

The Wicca that I practice today is very different than the Wicca I started exploring at 18-19. It's been 15 years now. How crazy is that? From my beginnings, reading and spending times in the woods, to studying with a group and exploring magic, to learning yoga and exploring reclaiming, to leaving any spiritual practice to focus on academia and relationships, to coming back to study with another group. All of those adventures down the path, each just as committed in their own way.

And yet, this time around is the first time that I feel different about things. This time around things are concrete and tangible, instead of being amorphous. This time, I'm ready and teacher has appeared. And it's been a challenging, long haul, but it's also been amazing.

What my path means to me right now is so incredibly different than it was 5, 10, 15 years ago.

Where are you on your path? What does it mean to you?



  1. I'm three years into my path, and I think you've hit upon the perfect adjective to describe it: "amorphous." Some days/weeks/months I'm totally into it, creating ritual, reading everything I can get my hands on, and other times I'm lost, wandering back to my Catholic roots, or just totally overwhelmed by how ambiguous everything is. It always seems to be changing. Where's the freaking map, eh? :)

    Love your craftiness, btw. Your art journals make me want to try my hand at painting again :)

  2. Summer, I totally know what you mean. It's daunting to teach yourself and be completely alone in your spiritual path. Even now that I work with a group, it can still feel focused and then unfocused. And I think that can be both a strength and a weakness in terms of our spirituality!

    Thanks for the crafty love! I'd love to see what you paint!!!


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