Monday, November 7, 2011

this week I am: oct 31 - nov 6

Reading: More on the Qabalah. I know, enough already!!! Also reading The Woman and the Ape, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never just be a one book reader now that I read for multiple reasons: work, spirituality, pleasure!

Thinking & Realizing: About how we create our realities, either positively or negatively through our attitudes, hopes, fears, etc. One of the things that I’ve always found intriguing about the Hopes and Fears position in the Celtic Cross tarot reading, was that what might seem like a hope, can in fact be a fear. I might dream of “A” but in reality, be scared shitless about actually getting it. Lately this has been a big theme in my spiritual explorations. Things sort of needed to fall apart in order for me to really see that at the center of it all, was just me.  

Viewing: My iPhone kindle reader. Me and my iPhone have been spending far too much time together. I’m craving real books and even went used book shopping just to get my fix!

Creating: Pagan scrapbook pages. Art journal pages. It’s been a low key creativity week.

Planning: nothing. Just nothing. For now. But I suspect cupcakes are going to be made this weekend. Looking for some fun, birthday cupcake ideas. Any suggestions?

Trying: Trying to just calm down.  Which at first I failed miserably at, but am starting to feel like I’m making headway. Sitting down to meditate no longer makes my stomach churn with anxiety! That’s big process over the week, which started with me feeling sick any time I started any magical practice/training/ etc.

Feeling: Drained. Vulnerable.  It’s been a week of wrestling with feeling the need to shout out look at me, love me, love me and don’t look at me, get out of my bubble, run and hide, run and hide! Fun week! [she writes, super sarcastically]



  1. Well I know how you feel! I am trying not to run & hide myself! I also totally agree with the whole hopes and fears being one in the same I am often scared to actually receive what I wish for.
    Faerie Sage

  2. @Faerie: Isn't it just so ironic though that we fear what we claim to want? I hope things are looking up on your end!


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