Monday, November 14, 2011

This week I am: Recap Nov 7-13th

This week things have been slowly looking a bit better!

I learned that the Moon in Aries is a very productive time for me. Taurus, not so much... I get a bit neurotic!

Work has started to settle. Got to play catch up with a good friend. Lost a little bit of weight and started eating healthier again.

I get to pick cabinets for my home this week, and feeling a bit more sane about my path-working as of last evening!

Good things abound...

It's been a week of just taking things easy. And easy has been good! Feeling very much restored after a day off of just crafting. Today I went back to my Qabala studies and have been manically searching the web for fun funky door number designs... which, in a funny piece of serendipity showed up in a blog post on Offbeat Home days before I found out that our house needs a number (i.e, not included and our responsibility).

Anyone got any fun, but tasteful (though taste is subjective) that will make my suburban home pop?

What about the rest of you?


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