Friday, December 2, 2011

art, sustainability, paying for web content

Ok, so today's post requires a bit of research! (or link love should you prefer to put a positive spin on it... you know, in case research doesn't float your boat like it does mine.. I'm a geek, I know this).

So. Here goes. Start with this article on selling vs giving away crafted creations. And then follow it with this video:


I'm trying to be neutral here, so I'm going to ask you what your thoughts are on such a system (taking into account that while they're different topics in some ways, at the core, they are the same).

I'm very curious to see what fellow internet people, crafters, and such think of such a plan. Do you think that it would help make the culture of free more sustainable? Does it have a place in the pagan-o-sphere?

This inquiring mind would love to know what you think!


  1. I think the answer is balance. There are things that I won't sell because of the reason given at Notes From the Voodoo Cafe and because I feel some items need to be given. Other things, however, I will always sell (crafty things) because one needs to pay the bills, and because they are profitable.

  2. Agreed. I feel the same. I take the point and the frustration over the lack of value artistic time seems to merit, but also recognize that sometimes those crafty things need to be sold to help make ends meet.

    Ultimately I think education on the issue goes a long way. I think people are often unaware of how much time and effort go into certain endeavors.

  3. There are things in my shop which are grossly unpriced but people still balk at, and others which I am able to make a profit from that people have no issue paying. Now, some things I don't mind underpricing because I do what I do for the joy of it. I give a great deal of work away too because I love that my work makes them happy. BUT I do draw a line and would rather give things away than sell for a price that I felt was insulting. It's hard for people to really understand the time, fees, effort, skill that goes into crafted items and to value those things too.


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