Monday, December 5, 2011

this week I am {nov 28-dec4}

This past week was an interesting one, full of highs and lows.

I've been reading Signe Pike's Faery Tale, and being someone who has always been a bit fascinated with fairies, I find the book intriguing. Two fairy tattoos and Faye as a name... I wonder what gives me away!?! But, I'm not finished yet, so I'll wait before giving my full opinion on the text.

One of the questions I find myself asking though, in relation to this book, is whether or not it is safe to be searching out the fairies.

I'm of two minds on this topic. On one hand, they're there whether we can see them or not, so does it change much if we're actually aware of their presence? The answer of course, is yes. History has shown that you don't fuck with the fairies. Cause the fairies, they don't play nice, even when they like you they don't play nice.

I think there's an honest reaction out there towards the tendency to tell us not to dabble in areas where we are not ready to go, but then again, when do we know if we're ready? Is Signe, on her journey, being naive because she's seeking out something that we shouldn't mess with? Or proactive in going where angels fear to tread and taking charge of her own destiny? So often, experienced witches tell newbies to stay away from advanced magic for good reason but this can often end up feeling so restrictive, like a parent constantly monitoring over us. If someone feels called to the fairies, is it wrong to open that door, even if you don't know much about magic or protection, or .... fill in the blank with whatever thought popped into your head!

We all have stories about being told not to dabble, or dabbling and regretting it. What do you think, should we seek out the fairy or leave them alone?


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  1. Faeries have never bothered me, and we (my family) have had a good relationship with the folk for many years. That said, I know of many, many, people who have had a hard time with them and say they've caused a great deal of trouble. I think if you're drawn to them, you know they're around, you can form a good relationship with them... but trying to force them to come to you could be asking for all sorts of mischief.


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