Thursday, October 27, 2011

scrapbooking fall witchy inspirations

Another pagan inspired scrapbook page:

For some reason, Fall being not only my favourite season, is also the season that makes me feel the witchiest. I wanted to create a page that captured some of the elements that make me feel witchy: my wee black cat and my candles. In fact, I'm typing this by candle light! The air is crisp outside, the leaves are vivid colours, and I'm excited for Halloween shenanigans!

Ok, actually... while I love Halloween, it's not what brings out my witchy side. Really, it's more about the desire to hunker down and settle into the home and introspection before winter sets in.

What about you? What season makes you feel the most witchy? The most introspective?


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 39}

this week's prompt: secrecy

What are your thoughts on secrecy? How do you think secrecy affects the pagan community?

I used to be a big naysayer on the secrecy front but my position has become much more nuanced than it used to be. I see the benefits of openness but am also aware of why secrecy comes into play when we become aware of the difficulties trying to share information can create!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Week I Am

This week I am....

spending a lot of time thinking about the qabala.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

scrapbooking pagan themed quizzes

I haven't done much in the way of pagan inspired scrapbooking in the past months but I found myself inspired the other day and wanted to share. I decided to use the big colours of the year: yellow and grey, which are not colours I normally choose but think can be quite sharp when done right.

The page is inspired by this quiz and I was actually a little surprised that I got Hera as my goddess archetype. She's not a goddess I tend to want to deal with because she's so famous for her jealousy and temper. And yet, the description wasn't that far from the mark.

Part of the challenge behind this page, for me, was not only the use of grey and yellow, but the use of multiple patterned papers. I'm not particularly prone to using several patterns and feeling like I've done so successfully. But I'm actually happy with the way the 3 yellow papers work together on this page. Since everything is simple, I don't find the multiple patterns chaotic.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 38}

this week's prompt: learning the tarot

I know that I've journaled about divination before but this week I've been thinking a lot about ways of learning the tarot.

Some people just learn the cards at random, some are very methodical, some rely on their books, others let the images speak to them and create interpretations of their own. What do you do?

When I went hunting for my first deck, I really wanted something that spoke to me. And being the contrary soul that I am, it just had to be different. My first deck was the Haindl deck, which is an amazing, rich, multicultural deck that draws on the IChing, Runes, Qabalah, and world myths. As I was making the shift from runes to tarot at the time, I liked that it drew links back to runic lore. It felt like a bridge. In fact, it was totally overwhelming!

I loved it, but damn did it knock my socks off! I spent the first years constantly going back to the book, rereading the interpretations. But it was worth it, because I felt like the cards spoke to me. When I had to make some major decisions in my life, at the ripe ol' age of 22 (you know, when the decisions are the biggest and most dramatic), this deck was my guide. And I say that in all earnestness. I moved across the country based on this deck telling me to be bold and leap into the unknown like the Fool, ever trusting and even a bit naive, as need be. It was the best decision of my life and the tarot readings I did at that time, replete with their death, tower, and fool cards repeating constantly, helped me find my inner voice and make peace with a decision I very much needed to make for myself at the time.

I don't know how many of you out there have had those moments of absolute rightness in your life. That knowledge that yes, you are on the right path. But my move, which I made based in part of what the tarot kept showing me about my inner dreams and desires, was one of those moments. I remember sitting on the bus, watching the prairies pass me by, knowing with absolute certainty that I was going where I needed to go. I felt touched by the hands of god/goddess in that moment, even though I was moving far from everything and everyone I knew, with only $200 in my account, a suitcase, and one onerous little black cat (who, for the record, flew across the country while I took the lowly bus - bloody spoiled princess)!

Anyways, not long after I arrived here, I found a small teaching group and met a lady who guided me towards a book that helped me put a bit of order to the madness. Of course, now I can't find the right book, but it was helpful! It prompted me to think about the cards in terms of the number sequences instead of just their suit associations.

It was a little thing, but it helped me a lot in terms of seeing progressions through the cards. Now that I'm learning another deck, the Crowley deck, I find myself drawing on this knowledge even more, especially as I hone in more on the qabalistic nature of the card progressions through the Tree of Life.

How have you gone about learning your tarot decks? How many decks do you use? Do you find that certain decks speak to you more, or randomly decide that its time to move on? My Haindl deck did this to me and it's been an interesting process, being humbled by my cards!


Monday, October 17, 2011

this week i am

Viewing, Reading, Thinking: This week my husband introduced me to the TV show Whitney, and holy smokes people... this could be my relationship. Especially the one about the girlfriend not being as romantic as the boyfriend. We both laughed so hard because I would so be the one to go off about how this or that is just fodder for some hallmark or trite b.s. .... 

Don't get me wrong, we're not nearly that competitive and obviously not that funny...  and the show has it's flaws. But yeah, the talking, the romance. That's so very much us and our dynamic!

Creating, Planning, Trying: Belly dancing! Yup. Every Wednesday evening I'll be shaking my bootie and wiggling my hips, which is great because I'll be finally getting back to doing some exercise after taking a year to let my knee heal from a Nia injury. 

Also working on some scrapbook pages. I listened to this podcast from Paperclipping Roundtable, that talked about using lists and quizzes in pages and I was super inspired to give it a go but with a bit of a pagan bent! 
Realizing: That I tend to live my life more through my head instead of my heart. Which is a bit of a challenge and a weird situation to be in. In my family I've always been the emotional one, but in the rest of the world around me, I'm often considered to be bit aloof and holding my cards close to my chest. A recent experience brought this issue into the light again and it is going to be something I meditate on during the next few weeks.
Feeling: Optimistic for most of the week. Loving fall. Excited by the recent developments on our house building... we now have some walls! Yay!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 37}

This week's prompt: happiness

So I think that happiness is a choice, baring special circumstances, sometimes you just need to choose to to be happy and appreciate those moments that bring joy in.

I know that sometimes it may sound simplistic, but oftentimes, the greatest truths are just that: simple. We need the lows to appreciate the highs. We need the highs to give us hope through the lows. But in the end, I think that one of the beautiful lessons in life is learning to see them both as part of a bigger picture.

But those are just my thoughts... what do you think about it all?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this week I am

Viewing, Reading, Thinking: No time. All work and no play this week makes for a dull witch! It's midterms. I work in a college. My colleagues are sick. It's Canadian Thanksgiving, baby showers, and house related stuff all at once. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I had some down time... I watched Charlie Bartlett. And I crawl into bed exhausted at 9:30, to read these YA stories (Vanished and Firelight). The stories are interesting and the characters well developped but I can't help but feel like I'm reading the Twilight series again, only better written (not that it takes much. Because honestly, while the plot of the Twilight series was interesting, wow the writing is poor). But that's a rant for another day.

Creating, Planning, Trying: Trying to make more time for my husband. Monday was our 2 year wedding anniversary (5.5 years together) and lately it feels like we haven't been seeing much of each other. I say this, knowing full well that I'm ditching him tonight to celebrate the full moon, and he is ditching me on Thurs, for band practice. Sigh. Like I said, I'm trying to find time together that involves being together long enough for a conversation about things other than tub choices for our new bathroom!  
Realizing: That it's ok if I slow things down for a while. If my posts are a little late or my blog a little quiet. Sometimes the universe throws so much on your plate, that you have to sit down and take the time to get through that before getting to the art.
Feeling: Like things will get a little busier before they settle but that the end is in sight. This past month has been a rough one. And so busy that my head is spinning as I try to sort through all the details and tie up the loose ends that are scattered about me. But overall, positive and organizational energy abound. Thank god! But I miss art. I miss art like nobody's business. And I can see how I've let it slip out of my life, along with my meditations, in order to make way for all the daily mundane details that don't nurture my soul in the same way.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pagan art journaling {week 36}

This week's prompt: familiars.

Do you believe in them?

Do you, or have ever, had one?

*Side note: one word to describe your's truly = OVERWHELMED! So overwhelmed that I even posted this in the wrong space! Oy Vey! Thank gods for the fact that this weekend is the Canadian thanksgiving long weekend. Much needed down time!!! Hooray. This weekend also marks 2 years of marriage. It's been a fast 2 years.