Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pagan art journaling {week 49}

This week's prompt: influential pagans

Who has influenced you along the way? Who was the first, the most, and current pagan who influences or inspires you the most?

I decided to write about a past influence, because I spent a fair amount of time exploring the Reclaiming community and Feri tradition because of Starhawk. I may not agree with everything she says, but she had a huge influence on my early explorations down this path.

These days I have to admit that my influences are more Hermetic, Buddhist, or Hindu. Regardless of where my adventures have led me, I think that pagans who are willing to be out and outspoken have the potential of offering a lot to our community, even if sometimes we aren't pleased with what they say or represent. Why, you may ask? Because each and every one of us found our way here, due in large part, to those who were brave, foolish, or attention whores enough, to share their path with the world. (I wrote that tongue in cheek but I do have a fair amount of admiration for our outspoken voices).

So what about the rest of you? Who influenced or influences you?


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