Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pagan art journaling {week 52}

This is it, the last week in a year long project! To be honest, I'm pretty impressed that I made it this far!

For the last weekly prompt, I opted for: As Above, So Below

If you squint (or click on the photo to enlarge it), you'll see that at the bottom of the page I've written: "the first step is completion and the last is beginning" which, for me, sort of captures part of the circular nature of the "As Above, So Below" concept. There's more to it, to be sure, but when I look at it through the lens of the Tree of Life, I very much see them being part of one another.

While I working on this page, I was thinking a lot about the ending of this project and what I wanted to do next. Of all my thoughts, this is what came out most clearly: I don't ever want to do 12x12 page art journaling again! Holy smokes people.. the size of the page gets a little daunting at times. So I am glad to see that come to a close! 52 weeks of such a huge canvas has been a mixed blessing (self-imposed of course).

On a more inspiring note though, I was thinking about how I've been using art to build community and see the divine in all of you. I believe that the God and Goddess are alive in all of us, and this project has been something of a reflection of that for me. Some topics have been complete road blocks for me... from picking the topic that week (no inspiration for a topic), to figuring out what to draw, to struggling with journaling that was either too simplistic or too secretive or too personal. And then, there were these moments of complete awe and inspiration that came through me, like a sign that the Gods are watching over me. For example, I chose the topic "Afterlife" the week before my biological father died, not even knowing he was sick.The timing was uncanny. And some of your comments and insights along the way have further cemented that feeling, for example when I was writing about the Guardians of the Watchtowers. It's been amazing to see how art can be a conduit for the divine, either as a means of transmission or of reception, especially .. or even if... the artist in question wasn't always feeling particularly inspired!

So even though I'm at the end of a journey, I feel like I'm right back where I began, only on another level, looking at the same question: how can art be a part of our spiritual practice and what can it bring to us as a means of contemplation, meditation, or communication with the Divine? And I think that that is particularly fitting as a question to mark the beginning and the end, and the end and the beginning of this year in light of the concept of "As Above, So Below."



  1. Hello Faye,

    My journal found its way home to me Tuesday. I knew that it would. What I hadn't seen was the wonderful letter you left for me.
    Thanks for your kind words, I treasure them.

  2. Hi Paulette. I'm so glad that your journal found it's way home. It was such a disappointment that so many went astray.

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