Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week I Am {Jan 22-29, 2012}

This week has been quiet and has consisted of a lot of this:

Yes, there's wine and a candle and a whole lotta mess. Welcome to what my tidier crafting looks like! Seriously, I'm really not joking. My husband likes to refer to my craft room (cause I'm lucky enough to have one, more on the why later) as a craft bomb (which is why he gives me my own room-- it's not a generous thing on his part, but rather a mercenary act of containment.)

Anyways, as a whole, this is my week:

I'm actually trying to switch my daily practice to the evening, so that I can up my meditation time to 20 minutes (cause let's face it, I'm really not going to get up earlier to meditate... I'm not that disciplined). But on  top of that, trying to do my practice in the evening is meeting with a fair amount of resistance on my part. I'm giving myself a bit of leeway because I'm sick, but I'm going to have to start cracking the whip soon before I fall completely off the bandwagon! Don't worry... you're not alone out there, struggling with self-discipline. My biggest motivator is having a group of good people who keep me honest.

On the up side... this gives me time to catch up on posts in the morning before work (yes, I get up that early).


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