Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Random update during my travels (random, sometimes personal, and definitely all over the place)!


This week has been busy but rewarding, spending time revisiting old haunts, hanging on the beach, meeting an online friend, quality time with the famn damily, and perusing through old photos for future scrapbook projects.

The photos were a particularly nostalgic but bittersweet experience as I spent a good few hours going through my Grandma's photos, looking at my father when he was a child, talking about memories of him. On some level, I guess it was a goodbye of sort (he passed away at the end of August).

I was once told that if we move away from home we need to return to our home in order to reconnect at least once every 2 years in order to re-sync our energies. I don't know if it's true but in some ways it feels true. Walking the beach by my Grandparents home and reconnecting with my Dad's family this week has been a really grounding and soothing experience, one that has helped me feel like I've closed the door on my father's death.

This is the exact beach I grew up on and the view
from my Grandparents' backyard! I miss this beach.
That said, sometimes coming home is hard. I miss the ocean, mountains, and rain. I may be one of the very few people who will ever say that, but the mists and evergreens make me homesick and always will. This morning I was driving down Vancouver Island and saw a sunrise that just filled me with awe. It looked something like this (minus the artsy Orca):

Roy Henry Vickers
I love where I live now, it's lovely full of culture and energy and generally rocks. But I will always feel like the west coast is the most beautiful place in Canada. I know I'm biased but that's just a little how it goes! How can I not when I have the most amazing views?

Art Journals

But that said, onto totally different topics! I have figured out what my last two 52 weeks prompts will be! Yay. How can it be almost over? I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left. I know that all of the people who joined in have sort of left the project to the wayside, but thanks for joining when you did and I hope that you enjoyed the bits you did do.

At this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I know that I want to do something new but have yet to figure out what that will look like.

2012 Projects

What sort of projects have you opted to start or stop this year? I have opted to do Project Life, which so far seems life fun. I was in a scrapbook store on the island the other day and the lady there who was super nice,  really quite lovely,  said that by the time the year was done she was so sick of the project but she did it as a photo a day type of project, which is a bit overwhelming. I tried to do a 365 photo project, but honestly it was just huge and too much for me. I'm doing it as a more casual record so I hope that I won't find it quite so daunting.

I am particularly excited to do Project Life because this is the year that my husband and I plan on starting a family. I like the fact that this album will sort of be a record that starts with the start of our extending the family. Exciting, scary, but all in all, good!

So yeah, the other project this year is obviously making a baby. Oh yeah, baby, it's baby making time. [cue porn music]!  I know, too much information right? Oh well, I'm in a ramble and have probably lost most of my readers by now because this post is getting so long!

That's it for now. Hope 2012 is treating you well so far.



  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I wish I was in a position to take some time off from work. I have a lot on my plate right now, including my current family crisis, a spiritual issue I've been experiencing, unexpected expenses, and guy issues. (If it isn't already on my blog, it'll be posted one of these days.)

    Good luck with the baby! As for me, I've decided to focus on developing a weekly or daily devotional practice (which I'm hoping to start about Imbolc) and getting a *real* job.

  2. ohhhh that ocean is beautiful! I also miss the "mist" although that's a really nice way of putting it (haha, fog!). :)

    i prefer the atlantic ocean, but then i also believe that you love what you grow up with. nothing feels like home.

    ALSO- OUUU a family!!!! That is EXCITING!!!!!

  3. @Misfit: Thanks. I think a weekly (or more) practice will be amazing. I wish you luck in it!

    @Eco: I have yet to make it to the east coast (hoping this spring though to visit a friend doing her internship there). As for family, yep it is exciting. Waiting a bit longer before making an official project but yeah... I'm excited and super ready.


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