Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a new adventure

So, I'm going to use this blog's anonymity to it's fullest and use this space to explore my next big adventure: the pregnancy project.

Before you start panicking... rest assured that this blog is not going to turn into another mother blog (not that there's anything wrong with that if that's your schtick).

I believe that I am more than a potential Mom and I struggled for a long time with my fears of losing myself to motherhood before finding peace with my ability to find a balance between the me as an individual and me as a potential Mother. I've had friends who swore up and down that they wouldn't turn into that mother, only to turn around an regale me with stories of diapers, playgrounds, and ptas.

I've come to understand that this is, in some ways, a bit inevitable and that I too will venture down this path from time to time. But I've also realized that I didn't become that wife, so why would I become that mother, particularly if I strive to avoid it. (Please understand that if you're a soccer mom and love it, that's great for you and I totally respect that choice, for you). For me, however, I want to be able to find a way to carve out a type of motherhood that reflects who I am and my choices.

So I decided that I'm going to use this space and allow this blog to mirror my journey as a witch, crafter, memory keeper,  wife, teacher, and eventually mother. Because I think it's going to be a grand adventure! And I'm excited about it. And I'm going to keep talking about crafting and spirituality, so don't you worry. I'm just going to add a new element into the mix! Feel free to skip it if it doesn't work for you or if some of my overshares freak you out (cause knowing my nature, there are bound to be some overshares along the way)!


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