Thursday, February 2, 2012

pagan apps?

Ok, I've mentioned it before: I'm addicted to my iPhone. And now, with iCloud, that love has grown into a grand romance. It's just so much easier than all the uploading, etc. What can I say, it makes me happy.

Pagan friendly apps that I'm currently loving:
I have to say, honestly, of all the lunar based apps, this one has my top vote. 
It rocks. Pure and simple. If you want to know what the moon phase is, what it will be, what sign it's in: this app will do it for you. I've tried the wiccan moon, the whatever, blah, blah, blah moon/calendar. None of them really give the details like this one does. 
Now if only I could figure out how to add alerts and holidays to it, or better yet, sync it with my calendar, it would be perfect!


Ok, seriously? It's just fun. That's it. And it amuses me to shock people into thinking that I would actually rely on this app for sound life advice.

For example: Should I go to the gym tonight? No? Sweet, I didn't feel like going anyways.

Or: should I pay my credit card with this paycheck? No. Perfect, more money for crafting supplies!

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3 Horoscopes
Because who doesn't like getting their horoscope? I know some people live by them and others think they're bunk, but regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, they're just fun to read. 
As I write this, my horoscope tells me that I've got plenty of stamina to get what needs to be done, done. Good to know since I'm currently multi-tasking up a storm!

Not really pagan but I use them in a pagan-y kind of way:
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2Pranayama (Lite... i.e. free)

If you want to work on meditation, I think this app is great. I really enjoy it and found it helped keep me focused when first learning how to use my breath in meditation.

Is it for everyone? Maybe not. Some might find the breathing times off, too long, or too short. But it gives you a sense of what expect or do, while trying to learn meditation at home, on your own.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2SpeakEasy

I love this app.

I actually ended up purchasing the full version because I discovered that the free one was rather complicated when it came to exporting the files (and the app that comes installed on the iPhone for audio recording continues to boggle my brain in terms of converting the files on my laptop).

Why do I love this app? Because I use it to record my dreams. When I wake up in a haze, I don’t even try to write it down. Nope. I record it. And my husband has gotten used to my morning mumblings. In fact, every now and again he likes to add a commentary track of random (but intentional) sound effects into the background.

But seriously, audio recording my dreams works way better for me when it comes to dream keeping! Now, if only I was good about writing them down in my dream journal afterwards…

iPhone Screenshot 1Instacast

I like that this app is easier to stream while I’m on the go.

For someone who has a pretty decent length commute, I like listening to podcasts.

Some of my favourite Pagan Podcasts, in alphabetical order, that you’ll find on my Instacast feed include:

~ Inciting a Riot
~ Iron Powaqa
~ New World Witchery
~ Pennies in the Well
~ Standing Stone, Garden Gate
~ The Infinite and the Beyond
~ The Wigglian Way
~ WitchesBrewHaHa
Not pagan at all, but just awesome:

iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4Camera+

Honestly, this is my favourite photo app yet.
Better than instagram, better than hipstamatic. Yup, that’s right.

Why? Because I can do everything in it. I take the pic, edit it after with the filter I like best, upload, share it, frame it, what have you.

I hate that hipstamatic means taking multiple shots before I find the lens I like best. It drives me crazy. So I never use it anymore, even though I like the pictures it can create.

I love that instagram lets me add the filters after but hate that I’m uploading and sharing the photo. I don’t really want to share my photos with a whole community, just so I can get the filters I like. Though I really do love many of the filters.

Enter Camera+, which I now love because it is the best of the two other apps. Yup, it’s a hit for me.
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2Labelbox

Because it’s free and it’s fun.

You get to add fun labels to your photos, which is just awesome.

And which is great for project life, one little word, and other general memory keeping type projects.

That’s it, that’s all.

I just dig it!
 Right now these are my favourite iPhone apps. Got any that I missed but you’d recommend?

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  1. Do you know of any pagan books I can download? Trying to study, and I thirst for knowledge so I want to learn every possible thing. Plus I have a student


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