Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pagan scrapbooking: altar

 I've been really playing with layering paper lately, and this is a page that I'm quite pleased with because of that and because of the fact that I really veered away from my traditional colour palette.


I've never been quite sure about the etiquette surrounding sharing altar images. While I love ooohhhing and aaaawwwing other people's altars, sometimes I feel uncomfortable with sharing my own. Call it a weird superstition...

But for now, this is my temporary altar, which you can see really reflects my Buddhist/Asian leanings in my practice. I say it's temporary because I have a tendency of redecorating it! For now I'm digging the cranes from the branches but next week I may move on, you know, if I'm not feeling lazy!

Oh, and yay! Today marks my 200th blog post. How crazy is that? Time flies and I talk a lot!


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