Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pagan scrapbooking: Chinese Year of the Dragon

 I wanted to take a little time to explore some potential pagan themes in scrapbooking. It's something that I had intended to do more of when I started this blog, and I've been a busy little bee, working on some pagan scrapbook pages, which I plan to share with you over the next few weeks.

Since this year is the year of the Dragon, I thought I'd start off with that. While it's not pagan per se, it plays with astrology (though can really call it astrology when we talk about the Chinese system?), and astrology is something that a lot of pagans enjoy on some level, even if only recreationally.

The year of the Dragon, in Chinese astrology, is considered one of great fortune, innovation, and power. Rumour even has it that some couples try to time their births in order to bring a dragon into their home. At least this is what my mom told me. But then, I'm a fire dragon and she's a water dragon, and my biological father is a water dragon. Come to think of it, my husband is a fire dragon too.... so the long and short of this story is that she (and I) might be a little biased about dragons!


That's right, because they are the bestest! I am dragon, hear me roar.

Actually, some theories say that 2 dragons should never live together because their natures are so strong and overwhelming, it's bound to cause conflict. While that probably explains a lot about my particular mother-daughter dynamic, it doesn't particularly bode well for my marriage, particularly since we're both Fire Dragons, which makes us Dragons times 2 (or 4). We're like super Dragons! So I'm just going to chose to ignore it!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Moving on...

This year is a year of the Water Dragon, which means that the Dragon's natural tendency is mellowed a bit by the water sign, and makes emotional communication smoother and relationships less fiery (within the scope of dragon energy of course). But even with the mellowing influence, the year ahead promises to be a life changing year (this gets modified in nature based on your sign in relation to the Dragon), but overall the year ahead should be a good one to start new projects, make changes, and move forward. Many of us will feel very busy this year, and depending on your particular sign and element, this will manifest itself to different degrees. However, many of us will need to pay attention to our health (digestion and skin in particular), be careful with our money, and try to avoid conflict/aggression (water mutes the dragon's fiery nature but doesn't completely remove it). So apparently, the year ahead might be a bit challenging in some ways, even if it is rewarding in others. The long and short of it: make plans, find balance, and drink more water!

That said, apparently since water rules this year, we'll see more natural disasters (or an increase in water related weather), like snow, floods, and potentially earthquakes, though I'm not quite sure about the logic behind that (something to do with the water working in relation to the earth... it's feng shui based. But I'm going to go with it, cause let's face it, it's not an exact science.

I think I've painted a negative picture, but it's not all bad. Like I mentioned before, dragon years are one of optimism, big transformations & opportunities, and with them, the desire to break old habits, take risks, and change our lives for the better. This year folks, is the year of the resolution!*


*it should be noted that all of the information above is compiled from the web, years of being curious about my sign, and general knowledge. It is not factual, I have summarized what I know, as compiled from the various tidbits of random info I've stored in my "very useful, small talk friendly" knowledge bank!

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