Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pagan scrapbooking : Incense

 Do you use incense in your practice, circles, or home? If so, which incense do you always grab to stock you supply?


I'm a big sandalwood, nag champa, and frankincense fan. Those are my go to scents and my home has an underlying scent of frankincense to it.

All three types of incense are known for being good for bringing about meditative states and I like the fact that I've focused in on just a few types in order to create a strong association with them and my practice.

In my day job we often talk to students about how the mind is like a muscle that we train into doing things, bit by bit. Over the years our brain has been trained to fall asleep when we crawl into bed, or to focus when a test is put on the desk in front of us. We've learned the social, physical and emotional cues for these expected behaviours over time.

Since sounds and smells also have the ability to bring us back to certain memories or states of being, by using the same scents over and over again, we slowly train our minds to associate that activity with that smell. I'm sure we all have had the experience of a memory being triggered by a smell. For me, the smell of one of the Body Shop's perfumes always brings me back to the summer of grade 10.

What all the means is that the smell of frankincense will one day, always bring me into the frame of mind to meditate. It may already without me realizing it. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty awesome way to boost your practice that little bit extra.


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