Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pagan scrapbooking: winter

 Having not grown up in a wintery environment, I find living through 4 seasons a very fascinating experience.

I both love and loath winter.


In terms of beauty, winter has it made. There's just nothing quite like a quiet, snowy day when everything becomes hushed and calm.While Fall is a time that I inevitably start reflecting on my life, beginning new projects, and get ready for the darker days, Winter itself can be this amazing blend of meditation and sunlight days full of energy. Some days I feel like I become like my cat, running around the house, a little crazy, to fight off the cabin fever. Other days it's about cozying up and enjoy family, reading, and stillness.

I've been promising myself for years now that I live in winter that I would get outside and partake of winter joys.

I've tried ice skating... no go, give me the rink any day cause it's cold outside and the ice is too bumpy.

I've tried downhill skiing... forget it. I just about killed myself. I'm good for the bunny hill and that's about it!

I've tried snowshoeing but no one seems to want to go with me.

I've tried cross-country skiing. And you know what, I think we may have a winner. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the stillness of the forest was gorgeous! So I think it's a go! Yay!

That said, this year has been a blessing with its mildness but a bit of a challenge in terms of me sitting down and doing the work!


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