Monday, March 26, 2012

1 day child vacation

I remember my mom once saying, years ago, that I should enjoy my childhood more. You see, being the typical Capricorn that I am,  I was in such a rush to grow up. I wanted to be free of parental restriction and be able to participate in all the fun things that I saw in the adult world around me.

Alas, mom was right (shhh, don't tell her though, kay?)

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If I could go back and live just one more day as a child, on a sunny summer day of course, I would:

ó  blow bubbles
ó  climb a tree
ó  wake up at my grandparents
ó  play with the all the amazing sea discoveries on the beach
ó  swing
ó  wear striped socks
ó  play dress up
ó  eat jello
ó  climb onto my mom’s lap
ó  play make believe in the forest behind our house
ó  draw pictures for my family

Wouldn't it just be lovely to have one more day to see the world full of childlike wonder?


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