Thursday, March 1, 2012

gratitude {march 1st}

Something you may have noticed lately, is that I've been making an effort to write down what I'm thankful for in the day.

It all comes back to thoughts that started in this post. Ok, maybe they didn't start there, but they are definitely voiced there! In that discussion I talked about expecting less and appreciating more, this is an idea that is very dear to my heart and one that was really confirmed for me in my trip to India years ago now. When I came back I was almost indignant with North American/1st world Western culture (though I suspect we call it developed world now, not 1st world,which to me sounds just as elitist and condescending, but that's another argument for another time...).

Point being, I want to remember that feeling of being committed to downsizing and remembering to be happier with what I have, so I've decided to start recording it and maybe even, help spread the idea across the interwebs. It's a humble goal, don't worry, but if you feel like joining me and taking time in your day to jot down one or ten things that you're thankful for or are reflecting on during your day, I'd love to hear about it!

So let me tell you a little about the booklet I made for this endeavour! See the dover art? Yup, I know, of course you do... but do you see the clever little witchy thing I've done to it? Yes? No?  Well I have a moon and an owl to remind me of the goddess and the god. Aren't I just so clever? Ok, maybe you don't think so but I'm pretty stoked with my symbolism (yes, I really am a lit geek Virginia). And to add to that, an unintentional stamping muck up ends up looking like my circles underneath are moon phases, as does the cardstock on the left edge... Nice! And dare I say it? Inspired? :P

Next up, the inside cover. I didn't want to be writing today I'm grateful for every day, so I decided to make it part of the inside cover. The numbers mean nothing, I just like the washi tape! But if you want I could find meaning for them.... Let's see. 12 is associated with the student kneeling before the teacher, and can be reduced to 3, which is associated with Jupiter, a planet of spirituality. But also associated with Binah (Qabala) which is understanding. 9 is Yesod, which is the Moon, through which all filters and is made manifest on Earth. Nice, see I told you I could find meaning. Don't ask about 10 or 11... They just look pretty! Sometimes things just look pretty.

Here's my first day and the general layout that I have for each day (using different colours but always dividing the page with washi tape and numbering the pages a similar way).

So that's it for now. We'll see how it goes!


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