Monday, March 19, 2012

sustainable revamp: cosmetics

In keeping with my sustainability revamp, here’s what my make-up collection currently looks like:

I tried, a while back, to make the move to healthy, non toxic beauty products. I finished up the stuff I really used (waste not, after all…) and then replaced things with healthier choices.

I tended to go with Lavera, Weleda, and Dr Hauschka, although I did try others too. The main attraction to the 3 listed was that they seemed to offer a good selection, be easily available, and of good quality. Overall, they seemed like solid choices, albeit fairly pricey. But hey, given my new make-up minimalism, I figured I could afford to splurge on a few high quality items. So I did. And in general, I was quite pleased with the goods (though I find non toxic mascara sorely disappointing). The textures and colour choices are different and take a bit of getting used to, but that’s ok. I’m good with that. After all, it’s the toxins that make some of those colours and textures possible…

For a while I was great about it. Then I relapsed. All the pretty colours. I couldn’t help myself. I like sparkly things. How can you blame me when the drugstore cosmetics are just so dang convenient and flashy? There are so many choices and the lighting just draws you into the plethora of colours, textures, brands, etc. 
Added to that are make-up fiend friends. Yes, I’m girly, I have girly friends. I like purple eye shadow and blush (not purple though).  I like lotions that make my skin glow and nail polish in fun colours. I like sparkle shimmer gloss and so on and so forth. So now I have an interesting hodge podge of toxic, semi-toxic, and non-toxic cosmetics.

But I want to go back to my original resolution. I know I may lapse again, but I give myself permission to forgive future lapses and accept that it’s part of the journey. 3 steps forward, 1 step back is still progress! I’ll get there. It takes time to unlearn consumerist tendencies and I am a consumer’s consumer. I know this about myself so it’s not going to be an easy transition past the average, every day, eco plateau.

Beauty Goals:  Move towards more sustainable, non-toxic beauty products

  • Purge the make-up collection of all the products I really don’t use often
  • Finish up the products I do use
  • Research alternative choices
  • Replace cosmetics with non toxic, enviro friendly products
  • Enjoy

Ok, so wanna see the dirt? Of course you do. This is what my cosmetic choices currently look like (you'll see some good and bad choices mixed in together):

I seriously didn't realize that I had SO MANY lipsticks and glosses. And the irony of it is, I don't really wear them that often! But they are in every purse, coat pocket, etc, that I could find. Yeah. It's a problem. I'm pleased with my eyeliner and eye shadow collections because they're not as bad as I thought they'd be!

Post purge. It's not perfect, but getting better:

I didn't get rid of all the lipstick/gloss and kept the Burt's Bees even though it's not the most eco-healthy because it at least is a move in the right direction. On the eye shadow front I kept one not so good shadow, but damn it, that particular benefit shadow cost me a mint. I'm going to use it, even if it kills me! :) The same goes with the bronze blush and well the mascara is down to 2, one that works good and one that is lovely but just doesn't stay on. Let's call them my rainy and sunny day combo!

 Other Products

  • Rethinking shower gels because of their packaging. I’m getting onboard with this action as soon as the current products are finished!
  • Shampoos: I think, not sure yet, but I think I’m going to try going the no shampoo route
  • Deodorants/Antiperspirants. I have the crystal. I don’t use it much. Must start using it more and want to try making my own deodorant stick
  • Perfumes. Oh god, perfumes. I love perfume but its sooooo bad. Like the motherload of bad. Do I finish what I have or do I just start fresh? I mean honestly, I have a lot and it takes me a really long time to actually use them. I literally have enough for probably the rest of my life (and I don’t really have that much)
  • Nail polish. Seriously toxic and I need to let go of the nail polish love. I'm going to start small and just get rid of the old stuff I don't use and finish what I have now (re-assess in 3 months and purge again).

Some of this stuff is ancient. As in I've had it since before I went to India (see some of the GM Collins stuff in the top left photo) and can easily be purged cause obviously I don't use it. Other stuff... I'm going to have a harder time letting go of!

Here's what I got rid of this round (because I don't want to be wasteful, right!? Ok, it's a little of not wanting to be wasteful and a little of not be ready to let go):

The nail polish collection is still big, but it's down by a few... The perfumes, well... I got rid of the Body Shop essential oil perfumes because they are all synthetic, the Aveda perfume for the same reason and well, it reminds me of life just after the ex who messed me up a lot, so it reminds me of heartbreak and drinking and also fun grad school days (see drinking). I got rid of most of the facial cleansing products because I'm either not using them, they don't work, or they're not good for me. I'm hoping to try oil cleansing once I get through what you see leftover. Yeah, that's that for now!


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