Friday, May 4, 2012

a colourful green world


For me green is about nature and health and I guess on some level prosperity, but not necessarily in terms of financial prosperity.

This colour seemed like the natural evolution from where I was last week. Green isn't a colour I wear or even necessarily love (though I don't dislike it). I don't tend to surround myself with greens. And I think this is because I feel like nature just captures this colour so much better than anywhere or anything else. Which is part of why green is a colour that is about healing... because nature heals me.

I forget that far too often. Living in a big city I forget that being outdoors calms and grounds me like nothing else. And I don't get outside nearly enough.  This can't be the only way that I see nature:

In fact, the other day during our May Eve ritual when went down to the water and immediately I noticed the difference in my energy. I am a water baby, I love the ocean, river, lake. I need to remember more often that when the going gets tough, get thee to the water or green space!

What spaces, colours, etc soothe you?


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