Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week I am

Pathworking: Circle casting and working with the Elements.

Viewing: Fringe. I so love the energy stuff that Olivia is doing lately. I dig it. It seems very witchy. 

Thinking: I've been thinking a lot about energy work, what the pentagram really means as a prayer of invocation or banishing and how freakin' amazing that is when you think about it for a bit. Yeah, I dig it. 

Creating: Random art journal pages and journaling that have nothing to do with anything really but are making me happy!

Planning: To sand and paint my dinning room table. The table and chairs will be white (either a white wash effect if it works, or just white if it doesn't). I'm thinking of recovering the seats something like this (multiple choices... I'm not sure if I want just one pattern of a few... but oh, the options are just so fun and divine): 

Spoonflower fabrics

Keep in mind that I'm planning on putting this table next to a room with a lot of black in it, hence my desire to really pull in a bold colour. I'm a colour kind of gal and the neutral palette will only take me so far! I want, no need, to live in a place that has some attitude and feistiness to it!

I'm going to attack the wood this long weekend. (yay for May long weekend here in Canada). Wish me luck! I'll try to remember to post pictures...


  • The Secret of the Emerald Sea by Heather Matthews, which super cheap and is fluffy but fun. I have to say that the first chapter was really unimpressive but otherwise it's been ok. I'm not expecting any great tale, but am enjoying some of her depictions of the Greek Gods. What I find really challenging when it comes to finding fun, entertaining, ADULT paranormal, witchy tales. Cause honestly, I'm not 15 and I don't need the PG 13 disclaimer/filter. Anyone have any juicy recommendations?
  • The Golden Ass by Apuleius, transl, by Robert Graves. Part of me loves the modern take on the tale, but the traditional lit geek side of me misses the more poetic language I would expect from a text of this period. I feel a little like something is off because the oral repetition devices that make sense in epic poetry just feel a bit redundant in prose. (That said, I think the original was prose...). The book was recommended to me as a magical allegory and I admit, that I'm working on it but having a hard time seeing past the literal meanings. Maybe when I get a bit further it'll click!

Listening: Calexico. Just sort of fits my quiet, contemplative moods lately.

Realizing: I think it might be time for a new tattoo... A big, over the shoulder lotus or a little elf hanging from my hairline on the back of my neck. (Think sprite like imp, hanging from my hairline like a kid on monkey bars with his tongue sticking out). What do you think? 


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