Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a Colourful Black and White World

Up this round: black, white, and grey (well ok, silver)

Grey is not a colour that I am particularly drawn to. It's a colour that seems blah to me. And yet, it's all the rage and I even just painted my living room grey. What gives? Am I having a change of heart towards grey?


When I sat down to work on this page, all I was thinking about was floating in the ether and the idea of not quite knowing where I was headed at this stage of my life, be it magically or mundanely. Life has been about limbo for so long that it's weird to be settling down and facing myself in the mirror knowing that I am facing the "what next" stage.

Don't get me wrong. This is an exciting time. My workings have been about grounding and bringing the abstract down into the concrete. Making the theoretical real. And it's an amazing process to witness.

Manifesting and applying. Living a magical life in the day to day. It's a great time of transition and possibility. And oddly enough, grey, which absorbs it all, seems like the perfect colour metaphor for this stage.


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