Tuesday, July 31, 2012

link love

Just some things I've been liking a lot lately:

Love this bookshelf. So fun!

10 simple things that can help make every day life at home happier

How much $ do you really need to be happy? One of the things that I was most struck by when I returned from my trip to India was how much junk I clutter my life with. I immediately purged my apartment of almost everything, from books (gasp... how could I... I still regret this a bit) to clothes, to everything in between because I was filled with loathing for over consumeristic culture. I think it's so true... we need less than we seem to think we do.

I'm currently in love with avocados and this avocado potato salad is up next in my new food list

Another video, this one to make you laugh.

Rethinking my online time courtesy of this article

Turn my wine drinking into art. Oh yeah baby!

Thinking about the choice to be or not to be a parent: respecting another's choice

This is something I've said before: happiness is a choice and here is someone else to share that idea with you if you don't believe little ol' me!


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