Thursday, July 5, 2012

Litha 2012 Goals

I am the queen of a kazillion projects but not so great at the follow up. This is something that I want to work on for my own personal development so I thought I'd put it on the blog in order to remind myself of what I set out to do. I was totally inspired by Elise on this one, so I can't claim the idea as my own.

I like her approach (she combines her One Little Word into the project). I promised myself that this year's word would be balance. So far... eek... not so good. Shhhh don't tell anyone ok? It'll ruin my calm, cool, collected front. Can't have that!

But seriously.

I wanted to adapt the project to reflect the wheel of the year, to mark the turns as I go through them instead of just having it be a monthly project. Plus, added bonus: it gives me more time to actually complete my goals. Every month felt a little overly ambitious for this procrastinator!

Something that was really important to me in terms of this keeping track of my projects was to link it up with the idea of balance. My time off during the move made me realize that I'm not keeping things balanced in my life. I'm a little too much of an all or nothing kinda gal at the expense of everything else. So I wanted to balance health, studies, crafting and my relationship better than I currently do. As such, I really tried to pick goals that reflected a little of something in each category.

So yeah... that's that... Only 4 weeks (less) to finish up 8 goals. I'll keep you posted!


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