Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Litha Goals Update

So for Litha 2012 I wanted to finish our table and chairs! And finally, after much ado, I can say shout out for joy: The Table is Done!

 We've gone from this (mid refurbishing) to this:

The table runner is something I made a couple of years ago. The seat covers are VERY red and I may end up changing them in a year or 2. But for now, I am happy enough with them to leave them alone for a while. Sometimes projects become a compromise of necessity and husband's tastes. The fabric on the seats is not what I had originally envisioned, my idea was more along these lines, but Mr Faye has a voice in the relationship and in home decor that is quite active and engaged. And I believe in encouraging his participation so we work to find happy mediums!

When I tell my friends about his input, they are always surprised that he wants so much say in things. Especially when his vision conflicts with theirs! Or sometimes mine. He's not a laissez faire type of husband. He was active in helping with the wedding planning and he's active in home decor. Unlike my friends who just decorate how they like, bringing things home to add to the look they want in the house, everything I do in the house gets vetted by Mr Faye for approval. I think this is important in a marriage because god knows that I'd be pissed if he didn't extend me the same courtesy.

That said, there are definitely times when he doesn't care or when he just says, "Yes Faye, if you want to do that, we can do that," without really contemplating the option. Such as refurbishing the table. Mid job he was bemoaning the labour intensive project that I had conscripted his aide in. And to be fair, the project was much more difficult and laborious than I anticipated! Suffice to say, I will not be stripping, sanding, and redoing any furniture in the near future!

I need Mr Faye to forget about this one before I'll be able to con him into doing it again.

Other goals:

Cook something new.

I got this recipe from the summer edition of Vegetarian Times. The recipe isn't online yet but they were simple and yummy. Basically I did this: baked 5 small red potatoes then cut in half and scooped out part of middle, 1 seeded and diced tomato, 1 tbsp cilantro, 2 tbsp onion, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 diced avocado and 1 tbsp lime juice. Then baked till crispy. Super easy and yummy. I used those measurements approximately. The coriander, cumin, and lime really make for a tasty flavour combo. Definitely will make them again!

Bike rides with Mr Faye.

We moved near the river and there are tons of bike paths in our neighbourhood. (One of the perks of suburbia)! So we went exploring.We found picnic areas, biked past old stone homes, and through bug infested forests (I have 2 mosquito bites even though I was racing to get through). It's awesome and made me feel happier about our choice to move out of the city for this. In total, 8km, quality time together, and getting outside. I call it a win!


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