Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Personal Blogging Reflections

Yesterday I asked:

Here are my answers:

1 and 2. I come to blogs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I just look at pictures, sometimes I read the content. There are blogs that I ALWAYS read, blogs that I sometimes read, and blogs that I keep in my feed to check back on from time to time. Generally the ones that I read consistently are blogs that balance the personal with some particular niche.

I read blogs in my google reader. If a blog doesn't post all the content within the reader, I stop reading. Honestly. I have enough blogs to read that I cannot keep track of them all through links. So I won't bother going to blogs with only tag lines that link to the actual site.

I want to know who the blogger is, how they live, and how their niche fits into their daily life.

Which leads me to ask myself, if, in my own blog, I'm a bit cagey about my actual life... do I lose readers like me? Do I care? My goal isn't about having the most readers, you know...  But it's food for thought.

3. OMG. I NEVER comment on blogs. Next to never. Honestly. I could have been reading you for years and you'd never know it. For example, I was tickled pink when a blogger who I've been blog stalking... (ok, just following for a good while) found her way to my wee little corner of the web. (ok, now that I've dorked out and totally outed myself for having blog crushes cause I totally get them). But here's the thing... it was only when she commented on my blog that I ever commented on hers. Seriously. I suck. I love comments. Let's face it, we probably all do. But most times all I have to say is "yeah, totally" which doesn't really make for much in the way of conversation. Or worse, I'll go to write a big comment and just feel like it's overkill. So I don't.

4. I'm not sure about the niching. I'm working on free spirited niching. That's my current take on the issue.

5 and 6. Obviously the answer is yes. Also obvious... the fact that I possibly overthink things from time to time! But here's the thing. While I want to be positive, I also want to be real. I don't just want to be all about the light with no reflection of the darker days. Nor do I want to wallow in negativity. Sometimes I find it hard to do one while staying true to the other. Thus the re-evaluations.

7 and 8. A little bit Oprah, a little bit artsy, mostly eclectic. Honestly, I hope to find a balance between the personal, the artsy, and positive spirituality. I admit to wanting to prompt people to use art to express their spiritual paths. I also want to remind people to find more satisfaction in their daily lives because I think the act of remembering happiness and gratitude actually nurtures more happiness and contentment in our lives.

9. Hells no. But I'm mostly ok with that. I stop and start all over the place. Art mirrors life over here in faye-land!

10. I do a bit of both. I think I blog better when I combine the 2. I feel like the blog falls apart a bit when I just post as I go. But then again, I also think that life needs to be lived and that means that I can't always be in front of the screen, planning out a blog post. You know? I'm a big advocate of the concept of blogging with obligation. I don't need to say sorry for not being around for a while, and I don't feel like other bloggers owe me regular posts even if I like reading them!


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