Tuesday, July 17, 2012

pinspiration: crochet bracelet

I've been eyeing up this pinterest goodie for a while now and finally decided to try my hand at making my own variation:

Just to be clear, I don't know what stitch the original item is made of. In some ways it resembles the stitch choices I made, but in others I sometimes think she might have made it with an icord stitch. Either way, I'm not trying to detract from her item as her stitch is tighter and more polished than my particular attempt. As a fellow etsy vendor, I often find that much of what I make and sell most often is stuff others could make but either don't have the time to, have the inclination to, or have the basic goods needed to make them and would cost more to invest in than to just purchase. Handmade is important but often more expensive than store bought goods because vendors are charging a somewhat fair wage for their time, as compared to goods made in other countries at below market value.

Mine wraps 7 times and has a loop at the end to go around the button. I chained a ton (I didn't keep track) in black bamboo crochet yarn, skipped 7 stitches to create the loop, slip stitched into the 8th stitch and then single crocheted my way back down the cord.

I managed to create the cord in about 1/2 hour to 45 mins. And mostly it took that time because the first row back into the original chain is always tricky for me to maneuver. I tend to feel all thumbs during it.

I was thinking about ways to make this a more "magically" charged talisman or sorts and came up with the idea of adding gemstone beads into the mix, or playing with colour as ways to make it more it a bracelet with a little bit of spiritual oomph. I might have to play around with it to see what I can come up with.

What would you suggest?


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