Tuesday, July 3, 2012

questions about blogging

So in the past few weeks all that has come up on my blog stream are quotes I've pilfered from pinterest. I know... I shouldn't be pilfering the goods, but hey, I always give link backs so I think my good karma is still in check! 

But this blog has been devoid of the personal touch lately, and honestly as I contemplated what I wanted to write about as I got back into things, I was really unsure of where I wanted to begin.

Do I want to share:

And as I contemplate all these options and more, I'm struck by the fact that I'm not sure, dear reader, what it is that you come here to read about. Is it solely the art journaling stuff? The scrapbooking stuff? Spiritual reflections? Personal reflections? I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately and why I blog and why I read blogs. What it is that makes me comment on a blog and which blogs do I stay silent on?

All the blogging advice out there talks about finding your niche in order to build a cohesive identity in blogging. But here's the thing! I call bullshit. I'm not cohesive in my day to day life, so why the hell would my blog be any more niche than my day to day existence? You know what I mean?

I suppose on some level my niche on this blog is paganism and at the end of the day that is enough of a niche isn't it? When you look over your blog, do you ever re-evaluate your voice? Your topics? The direction you're taking in your blog?

How would you describe your blog? Do you have a goal in mind behind what you share? Is it just a quasi journal of your life or are you looking to do something else? Do you feel consistent in your posting style?

Do you blog as life unfolds or do you write in advance and schedule your posts?

For those of you who wonder about my answers to these questions, stay tuned... this post is getting long so I'm going to post my answers in another post, tomorrow.


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