Friday, July 13, 2012

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One of the things that I love most about art journaling is that it creates a safe place to just play and try things out. Somehow, there's something about the process of art journaling that makes it ok to not be perfect. And lord knows, many of my art journal pages are less than perfect in terms of their art, or journaling, but just perfect in terms of where I was that particular day.

Journaling and sketchbooks are the perfect place to try things. I don't need to be the next great writer or artist in those spaces. And that I think that's the heart of why art journals are such a great medium. They don't ask for perfect. They just ask for reflection and play. And in the end, learning what works and doesn't work for you artistically, creatively, emotionally... in life.

I encourage you all to fail big in order for you to succeed even bigger! After all, for every piece of greatness that is in the world, there are at least an equal, if not bigger, piece of failure that led the way.


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