Friday, July 20, 2012

quote of the week

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I'll be honest, there's something about this quote that rubs me the wrong way. Why? Because it hits too close to home, really. It makes me uncomfortable because it forces me to admit to the things that I feel like I should be doing but obviously don't REALLY want to be doing. Like going to the gym regularly. Or calling that friend. Or making more time for my husband some days.

There, I said it. Making time for my husband. Isn't that an awful thought? That maybe I don't appreciate him enough to think it's important enough to make time for him, to nurture our relationship?

And what about my health? Why don't I prioritize that more?

I think the answer is in the fact that I take them for granted. I assume that he'll always be there and that my health will always be fine. But I shouldn't. I should remember that these are the things that I should take the LEAST for granted because let's face it, they are subject to change and deterioration just as much as the next thing in my life.

Last week I wrote about my Litha goals, mentioning that I wanted to work on balance in my life, admitting that I haven't been as diligent at living my word as I had intended in the new year. And that's fine cause let's face it, things happen. But I'm challenging myself to make a change and re-prioritize what I think is important in my day to day, mundane life.

What would you change? What do you think you're making excuses about? For me it's food, exercise, and making time for the people who count in my life.


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