Thursday, August 9, 2012

art journaling moments in the past

I've been really into art journaling lately, which makes me happy! I have quite the random assortment of pages to share with you, but today I'll just start with this one:

In it I used a photo taken from a recent road trip through the country. My friend and I were laughing about why all barns seem to be run down, but I not so secretly think that run down barns are quaint and picturesque, even if they might now be all that practical!


This page started off much differently. It was lighter with less paint but I just a little bit crazy with the layers. What can I say, sometimes that just happens!

I started off with the quote "not all who wander are lost" and the then the text sort of emerged from there as I reflected on the feelings I was going through as I took the photo. Normally whatever I write about is inspired by what I'm going through at the time, so this was a bit of a shift for me to reflect back on something that happened over a week or 2 ago in my art journaling process.

This in turn makes me think about the act of  giving yourself time to think before acting/reacting and documenting. One of the things that people talk about in scrapbooking is the difference between telling the story right away or after the fact and the difference it makes on how we tell the story. Obviously telling the story right away as we experience it captures the immediacy of the moment, but having time to reflect on it can sometimes offer up a clarity that we don't have as we live the moment.

Now, when I'm art journaling, I'm not necessarily doing it with the intention that it'll be there for longevity's sake to document my life, but there is that possibility (I'm a bit of a hoarder, nothing serious or in need of an intervention, but still), so it's not like this is an issue for me in terms of an overall goal in my art journal pages. But I do think that it's food for thought in terms of exploring ideas/emotions/and reactions related to life events, magical practice, and the evolution of our ideals/values and aspirations.

I might need to play a bit more with the idea of recording something as it happens and then revisiting a few weeks later in order to get a clearer idea of how my reactions colour my perceptions.

What about you? Do you ever come across this in your own endeavours/musings?


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