Thursday, August 23, 2012

get back on the mat lady!

Do you ever have those days when you realize you just always resist doing the things that make you sane?

Yeah, me too.

For me things like meditating, doing yoga, exercise, taking the time to make healthy meals are all challenges for me. It's like I can start but never follow through and be consistent with these activities. And yet, when I do them I'm so much happier.

Why is it that I seem to be hellbent on making my life more complicated? You know? Baah... it sucks I tell you, plain ol' pain in the ass sucks!

As a friend and I were joking, I know this is a "rich girl problems*" but still some days I just want to stomp my foot down and whine "Why does it all have to be sooooo hard?" And then I give myself a mental smack for being a all whiny about it and buck up and get back to work. Eventually! Some days take me a little longer than others.

Recently those days have been running amok and taking over. But I think I have my big girl pants** back on and am ready to go!

I suppose that in the process of learning who I am there are bound to be moments of internal dissension, but it does strike me as particularly ironic that muchof our lives seem to focus more on resisting the things that are good for us at the expense of things that actually nurture us.

What can I say? I'm working on it and life is a work in progress after all...


*Rich Girl Problems: Problems that only girls who live a life of relative ease would ever complain about, generally still valid albeit somewhat frivolous in nature in the grand scheme of things. For example: (from yesterday's conversation)

Me:  "I want to take the commuter train to work but then I'd have to wait for an hour after work before being able to catch the train, which means that I wouldn't get home until 6pm, which kind of sucks, you know? And to get here... well I'd have to leave so much earlier (which in my internal monologue also means messing with my meditation/daily practice schedule). And what about those days when I have errands to do? You know? I mean, I want to be all good about my carbon footprint but... "

Her: "I know! We just bought a car and it's hard. I mean there's parking and everything else. But what are you going to do. We tried to do car share but there are never cars available on weekends or holidays, etc. And you just get so used to the convenience factor of it all!"

Me: "Totally. It's awful, but so true."

Her: "What are you going to do? Ah, rich girl problems."

Both snicker and smirk, thinking damn we've come a long way from our grad school days.

**Big Girl Pants: The pants that real women wear when they're getting shit done! Less crass than "Grab it by the Vagina" and more empowering than "Grab it by the Balls." More feminine than "Man up" and less polemical than "Woman up." Slightly quirky but endearing way of conveying sucking it up and getting it done. For ex:

Faye doesn't particularly want to clean her house this evening but she knows her in-laws are coming over on Friday so it's time to put her big girl pants on and take care of business!

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