Thursday, August 2, 2012

pink art journal girl

A little of what I've been art journaling lately:

I did one page with this idea and then felt that I hadn't done nearly enough with the thoughts running through my head. I don't know, I love the clean lines of some pages out there, but for me, when it comes to art journaling, honestly... well I'm more of a layers upon layers kind of girl.

This might actually be a metaphor for my life! I'm all over the more is more, even while Mr Faye is all over the less is more philosophy. I sense trouble ahead!

I don't know if you ever have those times when you start looking at your spiritual workings and find yourself wondering what it's all leading you to? You know, the proverbial dark night of the soul kind of things. Well even if you don't, I do. Probably too often. Which is weird because I'm very sure of my path, just not always of my willingness to do the work on it! Yeah. I've been chewing on what I'm willing to give an awful lot lately! Bah, whatever. It's just a phase and I'm getting through it.

Keep posted, I'm sure it'll come around again in about 6 weeks. I'm predictable that way. I dig the roller coaster...


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