Friday, August 3, 2012

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Don't you just love, love, love Joseph Campbell? Seriously, sometimes I think he's the poster boy scholar for paganism. Yes, I'm being a little glib! But honestly, he has some pretty damn great quotes!

If you reflect back on your life thus far, has it been what you thought you would live? I know that in many ways my life has gone places that I never expected it to go and its in the unexpected adventures along the way that I've learned and grown the most.

I'd had all but thrown away my wand and pentacle and given up on paganism. I'd wandered off into the ivory tower of academia and planned on building a career in literary theory and education. I'd stopped yoga, meditation, and anything creative in any way shape or form. Isn't that ironic? Don't you think? (hee hee)


My life was surrounded by atheists and academics. There was no time for creating or spirituality in my world. And don't get me wrong, it was a fun time in my life but when it came to an end (gradually because "the world ends not a bang, but in a whimper" *TS Elliot), I found myself looking at the empty spaces with fear because I didn't know how to patch up the holes that I'd been ignoring for so long.

I'm going to say the strangest thing: it was wedding planning that healed my hollowed out artistic soul.

It was networking with other offbeat wedding planners and diy crafting that led me to where I am today. And my crazy Catholic wedding, as much as it drove me bonkers, was part of me remembering my own spiritual nature. Even as I write that, I'm struck not only by the irony of that statement, but the beauty of it, particularly because it didn't happen the way you'd expect to have happened.

It was the Catholic priest who married us who reminded me of what a good spiritual teacher can bring into your life and sent me on my quest for a teacher in the tradition that spoke to me. Our discussions on Kahlil Gibran's poem On Marriage (which we had read in our wedding ceremony) and the divine contained within poetry that restored my faith in good spiritual souls who I could connect with. It was the meeting ground between the 2 of us, our shared common space, and NOT our differences, that brought me home again.

Sometimes life takes us off course in order for us to be able to see our path more clearly again.


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