Friday, August 17, 2012

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Sometimes it feels like we live in a world that is forever trying to teach us to see ourselves as having spiritual experiences instead of remembering that every single moment we live and breath is spiritual.

I have been trying to remember, more and more, that the magical and the mundane, the spiritual and the every day, do not need to be seen as separate ends of the spectrum.

How do I do that? Well sometimes it's about remembering gratitude, sometimes looking outside and seeing how amazing the details are, sometimes I just have to kick myself and say "Faye, stop being an ass, this is all pretty dang awesome."

Yeah, aside from the self abusive voices in my head, I think it's all good, you know? I think it's important to remember who we are as much as possible. Sometimes that means once a week, sometimes once a day. Sometimes it means putting post its up to remind us, sometimes quotes that prompt us to think about it.

Either way... remembering that the spiritual shouldn't be a side to our life but rather just our life... yeah, I like that idea (in a non-fanatical kind of way, of course)!

What do you do to remember your spiritual nature? What things inspire that feeling of spiritual connectedness the most?


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