Monday, August 6, 2012

This Week: July 30 to Aug 5

Recent view from our bike riding adventures. 


July 30 to Aug 5, 2012
Sun in Leo
Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries (busy week)


Celebrating the full moon and Lammas. 

Creating, Planning, Trying

  • I haven't created much this week aside from writing. It's been a week of wrapping things up and contemplating new ideas.
  • I ordered new glasses. So soon I'll be sporting a new look! Woo hoo. I've been wearing the current pair of glasses for 4 years now, so it's long overdue! But man, picking glasses is tough work. I've tried on more pairs than I'd like to admit, debating funky vs classic, vs bold colour or neutral black until everyone around me just wanted to tell me to shut up already with the glasses!

Viewing, Reading, Listening:

  • Mr Faye blow out 36 candles
  • Nothing, my eyes need a break!
  • Mumford & Sons, Rachel Yamagata, Florence and the Machine, and Foster the People

Thinking, Realizing, Feeling:

Thank mother f'*** god that my period arrived and that the hormone fest has abated. Too much information? Yeah, probably but whatever, it's the truth. Seriously I was riding some psycho-bitch waves this go round the lunar cycle. But in positive news? I think that my body has finally gotten back on track and I'm feeling healthy again, which is not only great but reminds me that I need to let my body have time to heal. Sometimes healing takes months, not weeks, and I need to allow for that. The weird funk that has been happening since Dec? Fingers crossed we've seen the end of it. 

So I'm feeling pretty damn relieved, all said and done!

I'm also reminded of how much remember to be grateful helps me feel more positive about life. Really, it helps bring me out of the blahs and funks that come around.

On a more frivolous note: it's a 3 paycheck month. I love 3 paycheck months. They rock!



  • For amazing friends who listen until you're done venting and can start seeing things objectively again. Gotta love the good girlfriends!
  • For Sabbats in a field under the moon
  • For 3pm ice cream snack time at work with colleagues!
  • For the answer to a question, loud and clear
  • For a husband who does the work even when I'm a pissy cranktankerous hormonal bitch
  • For being told that even at 5'9, I am delicate
  • For bear hugs and laughter by moonlight
  • For a brother in law who engages in snarky banter with me when I need it most!
  • For the reminder that this week was better than last, and that everything gets better


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