Thursday, September 6, 2012

blog love

And now for something different.

So the lovely Domestic Pagan nominated me for 2 blog awards way back when and I'm just getting back to it. My bad, it was super sweet of her! Yay for blog love.

The thing is, I'm kind of crap at paying these types of things forward. But I have an idea. Ready? Wait for it...

Here goes. I'm going to tell you 7 random things about myself and share 7 interwebs links that I want to share the love with:

7 Random Things about Faye:

  1. I don't like sweet potatoes. I think they are icky. But I keep trying them because everyone swears they're good. And each time, every single last time, I still think they're icky. I'm pretty sure I'll keep trying though, cause you never know, maybe they'll grow on me! Or I'm a glutton for punishment.
  2. I love graveyards. In fact, I kind of think they define a culture. Maybe that's macabre, but I do. In fact, on nice days I go out to the graveyard beside my school and have lunch there. After the chaos that makes up a 17-20 year old student body, the graveyard is just the perfect bit of tranquility that this girl needs. In fact, sometimes I meditate or work on my witchy pathworking while there. What does that mean exactly? Hell, let's make that point 3
  3. I regularly do all these exercises to build up my psychic abilities. That's right. This girl ain't no natural psychic and has to work at it! Ok, I should qualify that a bit. I have excellent intuition. I just don't tend to trust it much. Thus, I do lots of stuff to help build up my sense of when it's intuitive knowledge vs my big ol' cranium getting in the way! So that means I do things like picking a random grave and trying to read what's on it from a distance. (I'm simplifying this here for the sake of brevity). Some days I'm surprised by what I pick up (from dates to names to designs on the tombstone), other days are a total bust (meaning nada but my mind playing tricks on me)! I do this with tarot cards too. Other times I just use the meditation time to contemplate an issue and see if I have an intuitive type of answer to the issue/thought at hand. 
  4. Faye is actually one of my real names. It's my middle name. Dewell actually has a dual meaning for me because it is a derivative of my stepdad's last name (which I went by until I finished school) and also actually a real family name on my biological father's side. So my blogging identity is not as hidden as it might seem, nor as transparent as it might appear.
  5. I'm tall. 5'9 to be exact. But I'm the shortest member of my family. My brothers and parents are all taller than me. I once had an ex boyfriend who liked to joke that I was a midget in my family because I was a vegetarian. He endearingly referred to me as his "grain fed pip squeak" which tended to confuse people!
  6. I'm notoriously bad about cooking dinner. If left to my own devices I would eat pasta more than I should ever dare to admit.
  7. I have dyed my hair blonde, black, red, brown, blue, purple, green, and white. Grown it long to my waist and cut pixie short. I prefer it long (the pixie cut is actually more work than long hair). I've never permed it and it doesn't curl unless there's so much product in it that it's practically flammable. I'm actually kind of vain about my hair, which means that I haven't really taken to going grey all that gracefully, even if my "Rogue" (yes, they're natural) streaks garner me a lot of compliments.

Now, at this point I'm supposed to pay it forward but I'm not a big rule following, nomination kind of gal, so let me share with you some of the blogs I tend to read religiously and you might actually find me commenting on because they inspire me:

In no particular order:

  • A fellow Canadian blogger who found her way to my site after I'd been blog lurking on hers for longer than I care to admit! She blogs about yoga, eco stuff, and life in general. You should read her cause she's pretty awesome EcoYogini 

  • This one is new to me, but she leaves me thinking and oddly enough, her posts seem to often fall in line with things I'm thinking about around the same time. Group mind abounds.... ThornCoyle

  • Ok, I admit that sometimes her sales pitch puts me off but I know the spirit it's meant in and respect the hard work she's doing to build her vision! And man, the woman has got guts when it comes to sharing her story. I give her mad props for what she's working on manifesting in her life and in others cause it's pretty amazing. LeonieDawson

  • So often it seems like what gets talked about on the interwebs is the touchy feely stuff or the 101 stuff of wicca (paganism), and this little lit geek likes to take it to the next level of analysis now and again. For that I tend to wander over to ChasClifton

  • I love the way she's trying to stay true to her own voice and carve out a life that is true for her. I don't know that she's pagan per se, but there are glimpses here and there that make me think she's down with the Goddess! One that nurtures her spiritually and emotionally as a mother, partner, artist and woman. BohoGirl

  • Another fav blog is A Forest Door because the range of topics is diverse but thought provoking. I like me the thought provoking blogs. On top of which, she's incredibly well read and often sends me off exploring the interwebs in a myriad of links and great articles.

  • And today especially I wanted to give a shout out to Frosted Petunias because she hosts the unusual, fun, and totally wicked blog parties & challenges. This time: altered shoes. I'm debating it... it's tempting but I'm also trying to be realistic about what I have on my plate right now. Even if I don't do it, I hope some of you do because I'd love to oh and ah over your creations!

Ok, there are so many other blogs out there that I could mention. Really, truly, so many. But you know what, I'd love to hear about blogs I might not know about. So, if you feel game, leave me a link up to your fav blogs in the comments to I can check them out.


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