Friday, September 7, 2012

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It's funny how we all talk about how we fear failure, but we never really own up to the fact that we fear success. I mean, if I actually do well what would that mean?

Right now in my practice I'm thinking a lot about the fear of success. I talked about it last week and I'm probably going to talk about it again today.

What is it that makes us fear actually achieving what we want? Are we scared that getting it means that they'll be nothing more to work towards? Or that it might not live up to our expectations? Or would getting it mean that we'd have to own our own greatness?

Cause let's face it, owning our own perfection isn't something we're all that comfortable with, you know? I mean my list of flaws is a mile long but my good stuff... yeah, I have to work on that one. 

And I see this over and over in my work. When I ask students, particularly ones with learning difficulties or disabilities to tell me their strengths, I can literally see them panicking. Their faces totally give away their confusion, their embarrassment, and most importantly, their fear. As if saying it out loud will make them vain, or jinx it, or I'll come back one day and totally call their bluff. Or worse, they honestly don't believe that they have strengths.

But we all have strengths. And if we start owning them and being less afraid of all the things that could go right instead of wrong, who knows what we could do.

Instead of freaking out about what living with a great big open heart actually means because I worry that I can't live up to that ideal, I should stop and remember that we all slip, but if I could embody that open heartedness more often, how amazing would my life be? How amazing would your life be?

You know?

What are my/your dreams? What amazing things could happen if we achieve them? And what amazing attributes do we have to put work on actually going out and getting what we want in order to live fearlessly?

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about this weekend. Don't expect an answer cause I'm pretty sure I'll be working on it for the rest of my life, but it's going to be great!


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