Friday, September 14, 2012

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I've always been someone who felt torn between travel and home. All my life I've been someone who has been sure of one thing in my life: that I have an insatiable desire to see the world and stand in foreign lands and dip my toes in foreign waters. But I also long to have a home to come back to. And being a Capricorn, I thrive on stability (more than most probably).

I like to think that I'd be equally happy as a wandering nomad as a settled family person. But the truth of it is that that would be a lie. As a nomad I would constantly long for long term, sustainable connections and a sense of belonging to a community I could turn to, support and be supported by. I know there are ex-pat communities and communities of travelers, but my experience with these to day has shown that these are good time friends or temporary friends and rarely, though it can happen, long term friends.

On the other hand, living in one place, never seeing new places, not experiencing the pleasure of discovery... well it gives me restless, itchy feet. And it causes me to feel trapped and resentful of the things that I perceive as tying me down. (Not so good for a marriage, that!)

At the end of the I want both I suppose. In equal measure. And I'm striving to build a life that nurtures both because for me, having both, is how I come to know myself best. I'm not running away when I travel. No, for me travel is part of self-discovery, just as much as the time I spend on the meditation mat.

And with that said: I've booked another trip, albeit a very brief one, to London in October. I'll be visiting one of my brothers and my sister-in-law with Mr Faye. It'll be my 4th trip to London, but the first time I've gone with Mr Faye (who has never been before) and the first time I'll be traveling/visiting my brother in a foreign country. All these new adventures. I'm excited!

I've visited all the main sites that I want to see in the city, so this time I'm looking forward to:

1. standing back and watching Mr Faye discover the city.
2. being able to take artsy, tourist pics with my fancy schmancy camera (1st time I've had a good one on the trip to London)
3. spending time with my little brother
4. getting some time alone with my sister-in-law without the rest of the family there (my parents and other siblings)... I rarely get a chance to spend time with her outside of big family events because  we live so far from home so when we do meet up on the west coast, we're all always running laps to get it all in and see everyone!

So that's my big news for today. More big news pending: another trip back out to the west coast in November for a dear friend's wedding!

All these travel adventures to come! Plus my family will descend in Montreal this Yule season to celebrate Christmas in our new digs. Just thinking about it all makes my head spin with the busy-ness and excitement of it all.


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