Tuesday, September 4, 2012

this week: Aug 27th to Sept 4th 2012

Aug 27- to Sept 4th, 2012
  • Sun in Virgo
  • Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus
  • Getting back on track. I won't belabor the point. You've all heard me write on and on about it!
  • Process my experience and understanding of what it means to be the Goddess/God

Creating, Planning, Trying
  • Catching up on Project Life. I am finally back on track!
  • Canning homemade tomato sauce. I made some last year but this year we wanted thicker sauce so it was a bit more work. I think we'll do another batch this weekend because we want enough to last us the year. Yay for locally grown tomatoes and knowing everything that's in your food. On the other hand, the amount of energy used to make the sauce... had both me and Mr Faye wondering about how carbon friendly making your own tomato sauce is. And what is it like in a food factory when it's being made because simmering a sauce for hours to get it to reduce takes a lot of energy.

Viewing, Reading, Listening:  

  • The 5 year engagement: It was ok, not great. I get a little tired of the need for some dumb jokes that go too far. In Ted it was the humping the check out thingy, in Bridesmaids it was the diarrhea in the wedding dress, and in this film it was the cold cuts sex scene. The movie was funny without the dumb jokes. It was a bit too long but otherwise good.
  • The Avengers: another really unnecessarily long film. I liked it but over 2 hours? Really? I could have easily done with less.
  • Currently engaging in some Indian lit love and reading Rajmahal. It's got an epic, generations of history beginning and I think I'm going to like revisiting Indian story telling traditions, which are just very different than the American school of story telling. As a lit geek I just love how different cultures tell stories differently and all the sub-sets of writing styles withing those traditions. It's been a long time since I've had a story that made me think about the craft of writing, so I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into an Indian saga.
  •  The Head and the Heart to this lately and it totally reminds me of another song but I'm completely drawing a blank as to what it is... driving me a bit crazy but love it anyways cause it makes me want to dance around my kitchen (which I totally did)!

Thinking, Realizing, Feeling:
  • I'm trying to process what I think it means if it's all the play of the Goddess. I once read that witches believe that we choose where and how we get reincarnated. Don't ask me where I read this, I was about 20 when I read it, so it was a long time ago! Suffice to say, at the time I thought this was an interesting take on karma and destiny so it really stuck with me. I have struggled to reconcile how I feel this works when it comes to people who are living lives full of misfortune and suffering. Do we choose this? I find that hard to answer, but for me, the thought that I chose this life and these circumstances in order to learn and grow towards enlightenment was oddly liberating and fascinating. Now as I contemplate this in light of the idea that we are all the divine seeking to experience and understand itself, I find that notion even more fascinating. Don't ask me to explain, I'll just butcher the thought because it's still brewing (yes, it's simple but sometimes the mind blowing, profound things are simple... take the Tao Te Ching for example)!
  • For all those lovely readers who came out of the woodwork to ask me if I was doing the work! It was super endearing and I was touched by it!


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