Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updates on life in Faye land!

Madness I tell you, madness!

This has been the theme in my life lately.

Life is good, I'm happy, busy and so on and so forth but eek do I feel chaotic. As in, finish the work day, drop down on the couch and contemplate whether it's too early to crawl into bed yet chaos!

Here are the updates:

I'm getting tested for thyroid problems. Jury is still out about what I will do with this if the tests come back positive (pig hormones don't appeal much to the vegetarian in me).  Hypo-thyroid runs in my family and was linked to both my Mom and my Aunt having problems getting preggers. So we'll see.

I've been thinking about what life will look life if we don't have a kid. I'm thinking butt loads of travel. It could be good, either way!

I've become sensitive to the energy in my new neighbourhood. It may sound odd but it feels really either new or supportive of my practices. It's intriguing. I'm definetely feeling more grounded in the new location. I don't know if it's because of the water and being in nature more, or because we don't live above my in-laws anymore, or a combo of that... or other stuff. But even my friends have commented on how much happier I seem with where I am in life these days. It's good. I dig it!

Work is good. My co-worker retired so I'm taking over her dossier. It's an amazing new challenge and I love all the work I'm doing with students. I love the nature of my work, it's amazing. That said, office politics are driving me crazy! And I'm seeing something like 12 to 20 students a day, which is insane when you realize that I only work 7 hours! Don't even asking me how I'm keeping up cause I'm not! And it's only week 4 in the semester. I don't even want to contemplate how crazy it'll be during/after midterms!

Mr Faye and I booked tickets to London (which I already mentioned) but I am now surviving my brother and my husband bantering it out over Legally Blonde the musical: to see or not to see. Ultimately, while they are both chagrined over missing it, they're willing to forgo the good times and quality performance in favour of spending family time together, you know, for Faye's sake. It is all very noble and sarcastic. My sister in law and I are wondering if we'll be able to survive the 2 of them together without my parents there to act as a buffer. As it stands, I may need a vacation from my vacation!

I think that's it for now.

Oh, no, wait! My computer totally broke and yet, I managed to fandangle it into working again. I worked my mad tech geek skills (minimal though they may be) and voila: I'm back online! Props to me!

AND!!!! I completed all my goals for Lammas except for the candles, which I'm going to do this weekend while Mr Faye is off golfing with his cousins (don't get me started on the enviro catastrophe that golfing is... we agree to not discuss it)!


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